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The Soul Whisperer : A Trilogy of Soul Awakening, Revelations & Insights is a book that allows Inspirational Author Eleesha, to share her automatic writing and channeling gifts to inspire readers to naturally discover, utilize and unleash, the hidden and untold Powerful Secrets of the Inner Soul.

This inspiring book is not just about life, but about also understanding the Soul’s significance as well as its powerful presence and purpose – in your life. The Author naturally expresses her channeling gift, by leading her readers on a self-enlightening Trilogy of Soul, by genuinely uncovering and sharing the unknown paths of the Soul’s Awakening, Revelations & Insights.

Her inspiring words continue to enlighten her readers, and to help them push beyond the limited boundaries of their mind’s, and to further explore the limitless boundaries and potential of the inner Soul. This is a place where the Soul whispers its secrets; its insights and revelations; so they may not just be heard, but – purposely utilized throughout your life.

Eleesha’s auto-written insights and revelations are shared with the same heartfelt purity and wisdom that the whispers of her Soul have been so graciously shared and gifted, to her. This book encourages its readers to work in partnership with their Soul; to not just unearth and unleash the undiscovered and hidden secrets of the Soul, but to evolve with the wisdom; clarity; and foresight; to immediately begin applying what the Soul has to share – in their lives.

Let it be said that; regardless of your present faith, beliefs, denomination, spirituality, race or culture – this inspirational life changing book will inspire, empower, and help guide you along your life’s unique journey of Soul, with immense vision and clarity. So, readers will not just be able to clearly define and understand their life’s hidden purpose and destiny – but begin to utilize the wisdom; power; and knowledge; of the Soul – to help fulfill all they are destined to do, or become.

Let the wise words that are shared in this book, help you embrace the inner power and presence of your Soul; so, you can get inspired and remain inspired, not just today – but for a lifetime!



Eleesha is Spiritual Author of 'The Soul Whisperer' and 9+other Books on #Amazon sharing her automatic writing gift of original Inspiration, Affirmations, Quotes and Sayings. ✿ܓ

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