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The Soulful Pathway To Affirmations: Soulfully Affirming Your Life’s True Purpose & Destiny With the Power of Affirmations

In The Soulful Pathway to Affirmations, Spiritual Author Eleesha shares an original Soul inspiring selection of powerful affirmations. Each one, Soulfully affirming your life’s true purpose & destiny with the power of affirmations.

Her empowering and uplifting affirmations are gifted to positively inspire and motivate you, from within. So you can appreciate your inner power, your personal gifts, and strengths, to not just discover your life’s true purpose and destiny-but, to ensure they are both fulfilled.

The Soulful Pathway to Affirmations allows Eleesha to freely share her automatic-writing gift, by Soulfully supporting you daily through the power of positive affirmations—to purposefully embrace your true destiny, life’s purpose, and inner joy.