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The Soulful Pathway To ChristmasSoulfully Inspiring You in the Days Leading Up to Christmas and Beyond!

A great gift for Christmas. In The Soulful Pathway to Christmas, Spiritual Author Eleesha shares an original Soul inspiring selection of heartwarming Christmas quotes, affirmations & reflective sayings. Soulfully inspiring you during the festive holiday season leading up to Christmas and beyond.

Each inspiration unearths a unique insight into the Soulful understanding of Christmas. Purposely inviting goodwill, peace, harmony, and serenity into the Souls of all those, who are touched by her inspiring words. The Soulful Pathway to Christmas allows Eleesha to freely share her automatic writing gift by inspiring you, your family and friends to have a Soulful and Merry Christmas.

Her heartwarming words are gifted to help motivate and empower you to not just embrace the magnitude of Christmas and the holiday season —but the magnitude of your life’s own true purpose. So, all you wish for or intend to achieve, in the aftermath of Christmas, can harmoniously begin to unfold—into a resounding success.