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The Soulful Pathway to Healing After LossSoulfully Inspiring You Whilst Mourning Loss and Working Through Grief.

The Soulful Pathway to Healing After Loss book forms part of a profound selection of original Soul-inspired affirmations, quotes, and sayings—shared by Spiritual Author and automatic writer, Eleesha. To Soulfully inspire you toward healing and recovery, whilst mourning the loss of loved ones and working through your own personal grief.

Each profound quote, affirmation, and saying has been shared with the intent of inspiring and supporting you to courageously embrace the challenges that you will face, during this very difficult time. Your courage will be needed if you wish to take yourself along a new path toward Soulful recovery and healing.

Her heartwarming words are gifted, to help you summon your courage, inner power, and strength, so you may find comfort, solace and sanctuary—within your heart and Soul. So you can remain peacefully guided from within, to undertake a new journey toward life’s Soulful healing.

Allow each passage to inspire you to rise above your present hurt, anguish, and pain to graciously cope with the loss of your loved one. To not just honor their loving memory in the face of such adversity—but to face up to life, with a renewed sense of purpose, vision, and hope.