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The Soulful Pathway To LoveSoulfully Inspiring You to Uncover the Essence of True Love That Exists, Within.

In The Soulful Pathway to Love, Spiritual Author Eleesha shares an original Soul inspiring selection of heartfelt Love quotes, affirmations & reflective sayings. Each one, aimed at helping you uncover the essence of true love that exists, within you.

Supporting you in your search for a Soul mate, whilst dating, or through romance, love, and marriage. Each inspiration unearths the power of all you are yet to encounter and fulfill, in the name of Love. Her words illuminating the unknown and hidden pathways that are destined to be taken by you in the pursuit of new Love or whilst maintaining the Love you already have.

May each word allow the freedom of your inner Love to flourish daily, so the Love in your heart can continue to glow and shine amongst others, daily. Ensuring your true Love remains Soulfully reborn, replenished and revitalized throughout your life.

Inspiring you with new insight to usher in a new vision of what Love is, or what Love will mean to you, in the days to come. This book allows Eleesha to freely express her automatic writing gift, so the words that are so lovingly shared from within her Soul, can resonate and stir the depths of your inner Soul. Slowly unearthing the hidden purity of all the Love that exists within you, so it can blossom and grow, not just for today—but, for a lifetime!