The Soul Whisperer Spiritual Teachings and Mentoring Services

Outline of The Soul Whisperer Spiritual Teachings Services Available:

You are welcome to contact me or schedule time to talk if you require or wish to discuss any of the following: 

a) Automatic-Writing [Guidance, Methods, Tips, Techniques & Advice]

b) Soul Guidance, Spiritual Advice & Inner Healing [Relationships, Healing, Clarity, Goals, Direction]

c) The Soul Whisperer Spiritual Teachings (Part 1 -5) *

A) Automatic-Writing (Guidance, Methods, Tips, Techniques & Advice)

As an internationally renowned automatic writer gifted since childhood and author of the automatically written book The Soul Whisperer, Eleesha is happy to offer one-on-one guidance to those interested in developing their automatic writing gifts, abilities or exploring its potential.

As a naturally gifted automatic writer, Eleesha is happy to share how her inspirational auto-writing gift has evolved and unfolded, especially over the last six years – allowing her to share thousands of her inspirational affirmations, quotes, and sayings to help inspire people from all walks of life from around the globe.

Eleesha believes that we are all unique individuals and as such automatic writing itself, is represented in various forms among those who are able to utilize this gift.   You will always be encouraged to stick with the gifts that come naturally to you, and to support your own belief systems and methods such as channeling.

However, Eleesha will be willing to share the essence of her own natural gifts and techniques with a view to encouraging other naturally gifted automatic-writers who may have neglected their gifts or lost their core essence of their own Spiritual connection or encountered blockages or limitations in their writing.

You will be encouraged to explore new concepts about the Soul, and to support your life’s inner partnerships with the Soul,  so the natural essence of your gifts can continue to flourish, into all it was destined to be.

Her Soul guidance and Spiritual wisdom is intended  to inspire those with the gift of automatic writing to value and appreciate their gifts, so they can continue to be given both sense and meaning to all that is being ‘shared’ or coming ‘through’ to them, as part of the auto-writing process  – be it Soul inspired Spiritual knowledge and understanding or Spiritually Channeled.

To Find Out More About Eleesha’s Affirmations & Inspirational & Soul Work ~ Listen to her Radio Interview:

a) #BlogTalkRadio with Jennifer Alhasa


B) Soul Guidance, Spiritual Advice & Inner Healing  (Relationship, Healing, Clarity, Goals & Direction)

For many years Eleesha’s Soul inspired automatically written affirmations, quotes and sayings have globally inspired people to face a host of life’s challenges, whether big or small, her words have helped soothe the hearts and Souls of so many that have felt inspired, empowered and uplifted by her Soulful wisdom.

Her understanding of the Soul, as shared and expressed in her book ‘The Soul Whisperer’ – gives her a unique insight into helping others unlock the unknown and often hidden secrets of the Soul.  Her Soulful wisdom and understanding have rightly earned her the nickname ‘The Soul Whisperer’.

Each day, so many gain strength and inspiration from her Tweets, Daily emails, Books, and Website information. This mentoring service offers a one to one opportunity to speak with Eleesha, to benefit from her Soul inspired Spiritual guidance and advice on matters such as relationships, life, inner healing, clarity, goals, and direction.

The meeting allows Eleesha to share her Soulful knowledge and wisdom with a view to helping you overcome your day to day challenges, by looking beyond what you know and viewing it from a Soulful and empowering perspective.  Guiding you toward answers and solutions, which do not just emanate from your mind or your present circumstances, but from within the Soul, too.

To Find Out More About Her Inspirational Spiritual & Soul Work ~ Listen to Her Radio Interview:

a) #BlogTalkRadio with Deb Scott


C) The Soul Whisperer Spiritual Teachings? (Part 1 – 5)

What are The Soul Whisperer Spiritual Teachings? These Soul Inspired Teachings originate from all the teachings that were shared  as part of Trilogy II in the book ‘The Soul WhispererA Trilogy Of Soul Awakening, Revelations & Insights.’  This five part weekly series of Soul & Spiritual Teachings are offered on a one-on-one basis (over five weeks) with renowned automatic writer and Spiritual Author Eleesha.

These teachings are ideal for all those who are ready to further explore, understand and utilize the core concepts, ideologies, and teachings that Eleesha shares, in her book.  It is ideal for those individuals who prefer to be supported, through mentoring and guidance – whilst undertaking their journey of Soul partnership.

The purpose of Eleesha’s Soul Whisperer Spiritual Teachings, are to take you from where you are now to where you wish to go, by understanding the depths of the inner Soul and its partnership with you. These core principles and understandings are essential to also understanding yourself. This knowledge gives you an appreciation of the Soul’s presence and purpose in your life, and thus you can begin to work in harmony with the Soul, to support both your Universal and Physical life endeavors and objectives.

Eleesha’s enlightened teachings support the concept of Soul partnership and understanding the dynamics of this Soulful partnership from within, is key to supporting both the Soul’s strengths and the Mind’s weaknesses. Learning how to balance and support this inner partnership allows you to move forward with immense vision and clarity.

By tapping into your Soul’s knowledge and partnership you are capable of unlocking all the Soul has to share with you.  This ensures you remain guided toward all you need to know and all you need to do – transforming your life’s Universal purpose and your Physical destiny.

*Please note, If you wish to partake of The Soul Whisperer Spiritual Teachings Part 1-5 you will need to own a copy of The Soul Whisper book. As this book serves as the basis for The Soul Whisperer Spiritual Teachings (Part 1 – 5).

a) The Paperback version is available here :

b) The Kindle version is available here:

More For You to Enjoy:

Inspirational Videos

Soul Inspired, Inspirational Videos To View: 

In this series of Inspirational Videos,  Eleesha shares a profound and soul rendering collection of her favorite inspirational affirmations, quotes and sayings on video. Each motivational video is shared with the intention of inspiring viewers to transform their lives through the understanding of self and soul affirmation. Her unique writing style, delivered in these videos as simple inspirational affirmations, enables viewers to engage in powerful self; soul; acceptance and understanding – to help maintain their own personal beliefs, motivation and self empowerment.

Video 04 – Gifts Of My Life

Gifts Of My Life by Eleesha []

Video 09 – Finding My True Self

Finding My True Self by Eleesha []

Video 08 – Taken Towards Your Destiny

Taken Towards Your Destiny by Eleesha []

Video 03 – Inner Trust

Inner Trust by Eleesha []

Video 05 – All That I Deserve

All That I Deserve by Eleesha []

Video 10 – Discovering Your Determination

Finding My True Self by Eleesha []

Video 01 – A New Direction

A New Direction by Eleesha []

Video 02 – The Days That Lie Ahead

The Days That Lie Ahead by Eleesha []

Video 07 – Finding Acceptance & Trust From Within

Finding Acceptance & Trust From Within by Eleesha []

Video 06 – A Matter Of Perception

A Matter Of Perceptio by Eleesha []

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Recent – Twitter Articles /Blog Reviews

“Eleesha – Words that Make a Difference – Personal Inspiration for Transformation ..” by L. S. Prather

Through social media I discovered Eleesha. A woman whose words and her use of words have added to my enjoyment of life. I hope you’ll take a moment and visit her website and discover for yourself just how powerful and how healing your journey can be. …  read on.

” Trust Your Intuition and The Right Choices ..” by @soulgineering4U

What you choose to create in your day, and what you wish to experience – is entirely up to you!…  read on.

” Attain Your Goals But Enjoy the Journey!” by @soulgineering4U

As you strive to reach your ultimate goal, you will be taken along many new paths. Some will be smooth; whilst others – will be filled with the twists and turns of life, which we have all come to know so well. !…  read on.

” Have You Met Eleesha Yet?” by @ConsciousCoolCh

Eleesha, The Soul Whisperer, is a powerhouse of positivity and inspiration – have youfound her yet on Twitter? With over 107,340 Twitter followers (yes, you read that number correctly), Eleesha is connecting with people on a soul level that is both unique and powerful, special and personal. She has written over 8,238 original affirmations and inspirations to share with the world – and something tells me she’s just getting started! …  read on.

” Aha! Celebrates Enlightened Entrepreneur Eleesha!” by @ahamoments

This Aha! Celebration is for Eleesha, based in the UK, she is an inspirational writer, author and blogger who shares her “auto-written” inspirational work with people from all walks of life and across the globe – helping them on a daily basis using social media. She is the founder of and has a following of over 94,900 on Twitter who adore her work! This is equivalent to celebrities who have their own TV shows!…  read on.

“The Goddess of Inspirational Soul Affirmation” by @nadiaharper

Today I would like to speak about the Great Power of Affirmation. Traditionally an Affirmation is a Thought you would like to hold in your mind, that may not yet be true. The Problem people can have with this, is that they have difficulty believing the Affirmation and can Give up the process before they really begin to see any results. When I speak of Affirmations, I am speaking of Inspirational Soul Affirmations, and The person who comes to my Mind is the Inspirational Author Eleesha….. read on.

” Eleesha: An Inspiration to King David” by @beatclassdotcom

I found Eleesha on Twitter and have listened to her amazingly calming voice..Her London accent makes you sure of her intent as well of her words. I decided to write a short musical piece that Eleesha could use on one of her many inspirational affirmations. ….. read on.

“Leverage Twitter for Learning: New Grads, Leaders, Business” by @katenasser

Whether you are a new grad, a new leader, a seasoned corporate leader, a small business, or a solopreneur, you can leverage Twitter for learning, growth, and success. If your image of Twitter is a useless stream of info about who is going for coffee or mostly links to squeeze pages that just try to sell you something, think again!…..

There are go givers like Mike Henry, Sr@MikeHenrySr – who connects and mobilizes people for learning through TheLeadChange Group and inspirational gurus like @eleesha@Dave_carpenter,@InspirationGuy whose tweets lift you up and take you in new directions…., read on.

Top 10 Twitter People Of The Week by @TheTop10Blog

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Twitter Follow Friday Leading Ladies 03 – by @KevinMinott

Thanks to these wonderful leading ladies my Twitter stream is never dull. On any given day they bring me:

  • Words of inspiration
  • New music selections
  • The latest in tech news
  • Great conversation
  • Sound blogging advice
  • Best practices in web design
  • The latest trends in social media

Follow these leading ladies and I guarantee you’ll never have a dull day on Twitter. .. read on. – by @KevinMinott

16 People On Twitter Who Inspire The WorldHuffinton Post Article by @2morrowknight

This is the latest post in our series, TwitterPowerhouses, which focuses on the contributions of people who’ve helped to expand, influence, and redefine how we view social networking.

What inspires you? The answer to that question can be found in the timeless words of a visionary leader or literary giant, the stunning beauty of historical landmarks and modern marvels, or the fighting spirit and the responsibility to support causes that speak to the very best of what humanity has to offer. The answer is a resounding yes. All of the above.

Truly, inspiration is a brand than can never be oversold. This is why I am excited about profiling the 16 people below. They are among the most respected, motivational voices on Twitter today. They inspire hundreds of thousands with their daily dose of gratitude, use of icons, thought-provoking blogs, support for nonprofits, and a great mix of uplifting quotes and 2morrow Knight, Huffington Post...Read on

Always Spreading Good Energy by ToddWeissCFA
I am always thankful to be connected with so many great people.
ToddWeiss CFA

…One of my favorite tweets is listed at the top of this post. Everyday I am always grateful to have connected with so many great people. This blog post is dedicated to a few special friends who have helped get the most out of my social networking experience. They’ve been kind to introduce me to others and help expand my influence. If you’re on twitter, I highly recommend you follow, as they’re truly dedicated to helping others and spreading good energy. Read On……. read on.

Spirit Portal

Shortly after I first joined Twitter, I met Eleesha and have found her to be a wonderful inspiration and gifted writer. Her energy is astounding! I have really enjoyed her site and daily inspirational tweets.
“The Soul Whisperer” shares her re-discovered childhood “automatic writing gift” offering a collection of her favorite inspirational affirmations . The intention is to inspire readers to transform their lives through the understanding of self and soul affirmation.
Eleesha is a gift to all who connect with her and an honor to know…

-Gemstar …… read on.

Re-Personal Semiotics Blog by Harold Kelley

Elevate your emotions with daily tweet-spiration – When was the last time someone told you they really believed in you? …Personal Semiotics –….. the book … was developed to help provide some of that guidance, encouragement and support. It can help you find the right path in life and recognize the symbols that will keep you on course. I am honored if I am able to help you in any small way in that process…There is another source of daily inspiration I wanted to share as well. And you can get it every day via Twitter or your email. It comes from an inspirational author named Eleesha in the U.K. …… read on

2Morrowknight’s Awesome Blog

There’s an old saying that “those who cherish a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in their hearts, will one day realize it.” Below are 33 women whose lives personify that statement. They’re mentors, industry leaders, motivational speakers, business visionaries, dream merchants, wordsmiths, & serious go-getters. They create opportunities for themselves and others, and they stand as beautiful examples of what is possible, and certainly probable, when you explore the depth and scope of your talents and skills…… read on.

My Google Profile

My Google Profile


Self development edge provide the latest news in the industry, with tips and information on authors as well as the new book releases.

Quotations Club

A variety of Quotes available from this web site.

Re-Tweet Blog by the Hilliers

Re-tweeting their favorite Twitter postings and Twitter culture. Twitter can be an informational overload but within the chaos and noise is a island of calm. Eleesha’s messages are uplifting and a genuine spiritual boost. We hope you will ad her to your followers list and visit her web site.  She is truly sharing a lovely person and does answer your messages……. read on

#Top 250 Writers To Follow

Here are the Top 250 People that are the Coolest, Most Influential or Neatest on Twitter. They also are very-very likely to Follow you back!

#Writers To Follow

All the top writers, people to follow on Twitter

A Bigger Voice, Wisdom Entrepreneurs.. Changing the World by Carol Ross

Twitter can quickly expand your connections, both in depth and breadth. It wasn’t until I left the corporate world and became a solopreneur, that I realized how big the world really is. It’s easy to get focused on what’s happening inside a single company and forget about the diversity of people, ideas, organizations in the world. In the course of using checking out people who have followed me on Twitter, I’ve found sites on >new media in Australia, activities for babies and moms month-by-month, traveling the world with minimal effort, affirmations that naturally bubble up and heal others, living as an expat in Prague, and creating modern music in the style of Bach. This is just from the sites of people who have somehow found me.

• Re-Tweet Blog by the Hilliers

Twitter can be an informational overload but within the chaos and noise is a island of calm. Eleesha’s messages are uplifting and a genuine spiritual boost. We hope you will ad her to your followers list and visit her web site.  She is truly sharing a lovely person and does answer your messages.
Our Full Blog entry about Eleesha

Moms Blog Carnival Blog

I love inspiring quotes and thought I would share a daily quote with you.   Please don’t be disappointed if they skip a day here and there, after all I am a Mom!

Moms Blog Carnival Quote by Eleesha

Social News Watch Blog

As Twitter hits its stride and emerges as a juggernaut in social media, the top users on the site are distancing themselves from the pack.  The race to 1,000,000 followers will be achieved in a few months by some accounts.  With such strong followings, many new or inactive Twitter users may not think that there are top accounts that will follow them back.

Top 237 Twitter Users Who Will Follow You Back


Recent – Video Reviews

Positive Affirmations & Inspiration with Eleesha – Video 2

“Eleesha comes across as a person that is easy to identify with. Her voice is soothing and she really opened up my mind to new ways of positive thinking….” (click here to read more)

Positive Affirmations & Inspiration with Eleesha – Video 1

“This video is feels very “personal” since the speaker seems to speak directly to the viewer. It felt similar to having a friend over for coffee with an easy conversational tone…. ” (click here to read more)


YouTube Videos To View

Video 1 – A New Direction

Video 2 – The Days That Lie Ahead

Video 3 – Inner Trust

Video 4 – Gifts Of My Life

Video 5 – All That I Deserve

Video 6 – A Matter Of Perception

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Harold Kelley is a creative thinker, author, and marketer living in Connecticut, U.S.A. He has worked for more than 25 years in the fields of publishing and high tech, and most recently in market research where he became fascinated with semiotics. Personal Semiotics, as a methodology for self-development, is his creation.

Personal Semiotics – Discover the Secret Success Codes to Your Ideal Life Path is his first published book. He is blessed with a wife of 27 years, two wonderful children, and a belief that amazing things are possible.
As a speaker, Kate captivates and provokes audiences with energy, humor, caring and realism. Inspires them to action. “Your teams will take my messages of service and teamwork and act on them. I combine facts, insight, humor, and logic to deliver keynotes on customer service and teamwork that produce real change in behavior.”

The healthyminute
The Healthy Minute is a FREE on-line newsletter publishing the latest breakthroughs in the health industry. Each issue is designed to be read in about 1 minute, and can help you live a longer, healthier life – guaranteed!
Self Improvement Online is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Network. It is designed to be an organized directory referencing information in other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Gratitude Works by Eileen Bodoh and Katherine Scherer, is more than a pretty book to set on the shelf – it’s a book to be used. This collection of three hundred and sixty-five short stanzas explores what we have to be grateful for in our lives.

Cherokee Billie

A doctor of Naturopathic medicine for over twenty years, with extensive knowledge on the body. Author of the book “Heavenly Seduction” and World renowned Native American Psychic for over 25 years.

The Empty Cup Runneth Over

One day a life altering experience happens to you and your life is turned upside down. For Cindy, this experience came when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 46.

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Audio Mp3 Gifts

Why not Gift Eleesha’s Powerful Audio Mp3 Gifts
of Self & Soul Inspirational Affirmations To Yourself
or A Friend Transform a Life Today!

Are you, or someone you know, in need of some soul Inspiration? Why not consider gifting these original works of Self & Soul affirmations by Eleesha, to either yourself or a friend. Choose from her wonderful Gift Store or her 30 Day Audio series or A Selection of E-books. Each Self & Soul Inspirational affirmation is shared with the intention of inspiring listeners or readers – to help maintain their own personal beliefs, motivation and self empowerment.

Mp3 Audio Downloads – This unique 30 Day Mp3 Audio Series is narrated by the author Eleesha, who shares a profound and soul rendering collection of her favorite inspirational affirmations, accompanied by her inspired reflections; interpretations; and insights. Ideal to listen to on your IPOD, Mp3, or MP4 at any time.

30 Days of Love Mp3 Audio (Immediate Download)! Inspirational quotes and affirmations by Eleesha at

The 30 Days of Love Inspirational Pack contains an Audio Album of 30+ mp3 files, together with an accompanying E-book (95 Pages) ~ available for immediate download in one package. ~ It is for your inspirational listening & reading pleasure. ~

Listen to a sample of the Love Mp3 Audio


Click To Order

I just read your story and wanted to let you know that I appreciate you sharing it. Your inspirational affirmations are written with such love. Of all your affirmations, I like the first one best.

Let me Share
the best of what I have
with the Universe
and in doing so,
Let the Universe Share
the best of what it has
– with me.

~ by Eleesha

That covers everything!
You certainly have been through a great deal that empowers you to speak authentically to those who are hurting or struggling. Thank you also for your kind words. It’s amazing how we make ourselves lonely by shutting the world out. When we are willing to let people see us, see who we are, connections happen and friendships are born.

Jacqueline Stone, Reiki Master, Awakening Consciousness Coach, Author, USA …………


30 Days of Empowerment Mp3 Audio (Immediate Download)! Inspirational quotes and affirmations by Eleesha at

The 30 Days of Empowerment Inspirational Pack contains an Audio Album of 30+ mp3 files, together with an accompanying E-book (95 Pages) ~ available for your immediate download in one package. ~ It is for your inspirational listening & reading pleasure. ~

Listen to a sample of the Empowerment Mp3 Audio


Click To Order


I do believe that life gives us two choices : either be subjected to it or give a direction to it with sense and meanings. Most of us choose the second one but this choice can be difficult to assume every day cos we’ve all had, once in our life, either doubts or fears and this recurrent feeling that we’re unable to bring meanings to it. Eleesha’s words and personal inspiration quotes allows a positive attitude towards life. It has helped me to search within me the strengh not to fear whatever lies ahead. Many thanks to her !

C. LeSausse, Martinque …………


E-book Downloads – Each E-book contain a 30 Day Original Collection of non published Self & Soul Affirmations. Each E-book forms part of an extended series of inspirational works from Eleesha’s Life Series Collection.

Acceptance Self & Soul Original Affirmations by

Click To Order



See other gifts available on Zazzle.

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

More For You to Enjoy:

How To Use Quotes Affirmations and Sayings by Eleesha

The question that so many people as me when they come across my work is – "What exactly are your Soul inspiring Affirmations, Quotes & Sayings and how do they work?" – Well, on this page I will do my best to explain and answer this very question.

Sharing More Than Just Words

My automatically written Soul inspiring Affirmations & Quotes are merely words that are spoken to your Soul.  They are shared with the intent of inspiring your inner Soul, to help create Soulful changes in your life that begin, from within. The question is – how is this achieved? Well, I will go on to explain how this is achieved; how these words can help you, and why I often refer to my Soul Affirmations as being "more than – just words."

A Joyful Process

I will start by telling you that, the joyful process of handwriting and interpreting over 8,000+ original, deep and meaningful affirmations and quotes was borne from expressing, what I call my automatic-writing gift. I also refer to this process as Soul Channeling. This gift and its expression, mysteriously emerged when I was just a child and in time, it evolved to inadvertently help me to bring about tremendous Soulful changes, in my life. By sharing my Soulful work I believe I am now able to, not only share my auto-written passages with you, but help you understand – how to utilize them effectively, to help bring important Soulful changes into your life, too.

First Hand Experience

Doing what I do, has allowed me to experience firsthand, the power of understanding and utilizing my original auto-written affirmations, quotes and sayings, which – although written through me – they have only recently come to be fully understood, by me.

Sharing What I Have Come To Know

The brief interpretations of what I have come to learn will now be shared with you, on this page. However, the greater more insightful interpretations, are now shared in far greater depth in my new book, The Soul Whisperer. In truth, all my work is shared with the intent of helping those who read them to remain Soulfully inspired, motivated and empowered – to invite prosperity, happiness, health and abundance into their lives.

Power of Soul Inspiring Affirmations

First things first, you see unlike traditional affirmations, where you are advised to constantly repeat the words so that they sink into the mind – I soon began to realize that my auto-written Soul Affirmations do not need to work like this – because they work on a much deeper level. This is simply because, the essence of their purpose; meaning; and intent; are not to affect the mind, but to affect and touch the Soul within you. I found a profound passage in one of original quotes, which said…., these words "are not written for you, but for the Soul within you."

How & Why They Work?

They work at their best, when you allow the words to be read to your Soul, so that they can be received and felt within the Soul. The reason for this was also gifted to me, in another affirmation I wrote, which said – "They inspire and affirm from within, outwards – and not outwards, to that which is within."

Answers & Insights?

When I came across these two profound quotes and affirmation I had written earlier, I was stunned, because the answers I had been searching for – to help me define the nature of my work and give sense and meaning to all that I was doing – was literally staring me in the face. Indeed, the answers and the key to understanding my work, including its relevance and interpretation in our daily lives, had already been gifted to me – buried in the auto-written affirmations, themselves.  I had simply not realized this, until I began re-reading them, for further interpretation and insight.

A Profound Realization

What I now realized was that, these numerous passages of inspiration, affirmations, quotes and sayings did not need to constantly be repeated to the mind, because in truth, they were not written or intended to be read to the mind, but to the Soul. This is because, unlike the mind, the Soul requires no repetition to be given credence; value; meaning; understanding or purpose; to all things – that are essential to your understanding of life and all your life's experiences.

How To Read My Inspirational Affirmations?

If you can appreciate that all the words I will share are intended to speak to the Soul and not to the mind, then you are already ready, to open up from within, whilst you begin reading them to yourself. In time, as you allow yourself to be open to the process of disengaging the mind's power and control over you and so you can begin engaging the Soul – then you will easily be able to read these words – as they should be read.

The Choice To Grow & Evolve:

These words will help you to instantly connect to your inner Self and Soul, whereby their meanings will come to be clearly understood and appreciated on a much deeper level. This gentle process means, you can begin to grow and evolve on a much deeper level, by allowing the essence of your Soul to glow and shine through like never before, and to help you rise to become all that you were destined to be – by simply choosing to do so, and understanding, how to do so.

How To Benefit From Words That Touch the Soul?

In time, as you come to understand yourself more, you will begin to open up and your mind will begin to loosen its grip over you and the inner you will become more strengthened, and will begin to emerge far more empowered than ever before. You will become accepting of what you have read, because you now know how it should be read and why – thus allowing the words to reach both the inner Self and Soul – without the mind's perpetual resistance, or constant opposition.

Bringing About Change In Your Life?

With the help of these Soul inspired words, you will find that you will begin to change from within – because what is automatically received and accepted by Self and Soul – will be reflected, and thus be given true meaning; understanding; and clarity; on all external aspects of your life – as well.

The Power of Change

Once change is able to take place from within you, then you will naturally begin to change as a person – like you have never experienced before. This is simply because the inward changes, can now be mirrored outwardly as well, and I can assure you that any inward change will never be fleeting – but permanent.

Ability To Manifest Or Create What You Want

By touching the Soul with these simple automatically written words of Soul Inspiration and Affirmation, and by reading the deeper interpretations; insights and reflections that accompany them, then you will become all that you want to be – because, you will become more connected to the Soul. Thus, it will help to supply you with further insight; clarity; purpose; and meaning; in your life and also in all your life endeavors.

What You Can Become, By Touching The Soul?

Let these words touch your heart and Soul like never before, enabling you to ignite something so special from within you, that it will enable you to draw upon your own inner strengths. This is the core of how you can begin a new transformation towards manifesting all the prosperity; happiness; and abundance; you deserve.

What To Do?

I have given you the basics of what you need to know on this web page, but what I am telling you has barely skimmed the surface of what I have uncovered. I have so much inspiring knowledge and wisdom that has emerged from expressing my gift, and it is this which I truly wish to share . So, if you are willing to join me and begin a new Soulful journey in your life – then you can simply begin today !

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Original Inspiration, Affirmations, Quotes and Sayings by Eleesha

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“Let The Expression Of What You Feel Is You – Become A Symbol Of You.” ~ Eleesha (255)

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“Let the expression of what
you feel is you, become a
symbol of you. In the way
& manner that you choose
– to be you.”

~ by Eleesha,
Author of – The Soul Whisperer


How is it that you are expressing yourself today? Make sure that you come to appreciate the uniqueness of who you are.

Let this understanding be fully expressed in the way that you choose. So the expression of you is always given the opportunity, to shine through to become a symbol of ‘you’.

To your Inspiration & Success have a Wonderful Day! ♫¨*•.¸♥¸•*¨

Inspirational Author ~ Eleesha

~ Eleesha ~

“Renowned Automatic-Writer & Spiritual Author of – The Soul Whisperer:
A Trilogy of Soul Awakening, Revelations & Insights”

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“Choose Today To Decide What It Is That You Want & Just Go Out And Get It. Not tomorrow – But Today.” ~ Eleesha (254)

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“Choose today to decide what
it is that ‘you’ want and just
go out and get it. Not
tomorrow – but today.”

~ by Eleesha,
Author of – The Soul Whisperer


Each day we are given the opportunity to make choices about what we intend to do and how we intend to do it. What choices are being made in your life, today?

Be clear and precise about what it is that you want in life and once you have made a decision, then it is time to go out there and get it. Not tomorrow – but today!

To your Inspiration & Success have a Wonderful Day! ♫¨*•.¸♥¸•*¨

Inspirational Author ~ Eleesha

~ Eleesha ~

“Renowned Automatic-Writer & Spiritual Author of – The Soul Whisperer:
A Trilogy of Soul Awakening, Revelations & Insights”

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“Let What You Give Of Yourself Freely – Become A Gift Of A Lifetime.” ~ Eleesha (253)

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“Let us not give away, that
which we will want back
tomorrow. Let that which
you give of yourself freely
– become a gift of a lifetime.”

~ by Eleesha,
Author of – The Soul Whisperer


Whenever you have the opportunity to give, let it always come from the heart. For there is no sense in giving today, that which you will want to back tomorrow – this is not giving, but lending.

Let all that you are willing to give of yourself today, be given from the heart – so that it will be received by others, not just for a moment – but for a lifetime.

To your Inspiration & Success have a Wonderful Day! ♫¨*•.¸♥¸•*¨

Inspirational Author ~ Eleesha

~ Eleesha ~

“Renowned Automatic-Writer & Spiritual Author of – The Soul Whisperer:
A Trilogy of Soul Awakening, Revelations & Insights”

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