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Original Inspiration, Forgiveness Quotes and Affirmations by Eleesha – to Uplift You:

Eleesha ˜ @eleesha ˜Soul Inspiration Affirmations & Quotes on Forgiveness

1) Breaking The Unforgiving Cycle

"Breaking my cycle of
unforgiveness, is ending. 
For, I simply begin – by
forgiving myself."

~ Eleesha

~ written on 01-01-2011

2) A Gift To Give

"My forgiveness is a
gift to give – not a gift
that I must withhold."

~ Eleesha

~ written on 01-01-2011

3) Healing Through Forgiveness

"I have found that, when I can
find it within my heart to forgive
those who have hurt me the most
– then, I am truly healed."
~ Eleesha

~ written on 18-02-2008

4) Act Of Forgiveness

"My acts of forgiveness
do not just cleanse others
– but cleanse me, too."

~ Eleesha

~ written on 01-01-2011

5) Forgiveness Of Wrong Doings

"Although I have been wronged
by so many, throughout my life.
I have found that I am able to
forgive them. For, each wrong doing
has in some way contributed to
– my life's learning."
~ Eleesha

~ written on 18-02-2008

6) Fulfilled Through Forgiveness

"Let my life's endeavors become
fulfilled, in expression of my
forgiveness.  Where I am given
the power to carve out the
destiny I deserve – rather
than stifle it."
~ Eleesha

~ written on 01-01-2011

7) Learning Through Forgiveness

"Through the act of forgiveness
I find within myself the capacity
to learn – not just more about myself
– but about others, too."
~ Eleesha

~ written on 18-02-2008

8) Evolving Through Forgiveness

"I now look upon all that
you did to me, as a part of
my spiritual growth. Each
wrong doing a lesson. Through
which I have evolved into
the person – I never thought
I could be."
~ Eleesha

~ written on 18-02-2008

9) Forgiveness From Victim To Victor

"If I can find it within myself
to set aside my feelings of
anger and mistrust, and look
beyond all that you have done
then, through forgiveness – it is
I who has become the victor
and not the victim."
~ Eleesha

~ written on 18-02-2008

10) Discovery Through Forgiveness

"I have forgiven all those
that I need to forgive. It is
through this act that I have
discovered, just as much about
them – as I have discovered
about myself."
~ Eleesha

~ written on 18-02-2008

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