Understanding Quotes and Affirmations

Understanding Quotes and Affirmations by Eleesha – to Uplift You:

Eleesha ˜ @eleesha ˜Soul Inspiration Affirmations & Quotes on Understanding

1) The Secrets To Life Through Understanding

“It is through understanding that
I come to learn the importance of
life. For through it, I am revealed
– the essentials and secrets to life.”
~ Eleesha

~ written on 02-07-2008

2) Truth Revealed Through Understanding

“In the nature of my understanding,
I am always revealed the truth.
Not just about others – but about
myself too.” 
~ Eleesha

~ written on 02-07-2008

3) Knowledge of Understanding

“Let me rise today, in the
understanding and knowledge
of all things that I need to.
So I may be guided in the
reassurance and knowledge of
all – that I come to understand.”

~ written on 02-07-2008

4) Coming To Understand My Self

“I have been so misunderstood
for so long that others have
offered little to me, in their
sense of understanding. In
realizing this, I know that it
has not been them, but I, who
has continued to misunderstand
myself. Let me rise today, in the
understanding of self‘ – so others
may come to understand me too.”

~ written on 06-07-2008

5) The Benefits of Understand All Things

“Let us be united in our
understanding of all things,
that we share in the Universe.
For it is through understanding,
that we may come to co-exist
peacefully, and become united
in a way that fulfills humanity
– rather than destroys it.”

~ written on 02-07-2008

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