“Life’s Greatest Opportunities Are Fulfilled, By Facing Life’s Greatest Challenges.” ~ Eleesha (21)


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"Today, I am filled
with an energy so
strong of desire and
enthusiasm, from which
– my life's fulfillment
will be achieved."

~ by Eleesha,
Author of – The Soul Whisperer


Each and everyday our lives are filled with opportunity, and our ability to make use of all that will come our way, will be reflective of how each opportunity will come to unfold in our lives.

For, just as you choose to make full use of one of life's great opportunities; so too must you come to face one of life's greatest challenges.

Where your inner ability to maintain your desire; energy; and enthusiasm; to partake of an opportunity – will always result in an opportunity that is taken – rather than lost.

In the face of your adversity, you will need to remain bold and courageous; in the face of apathy, passionate and enthused; and in the face of weariness, energetic and enlivened – to ensure that each opportunity will never be squandered, but saved.

Today, may your life continue to be filled with all the energy; strength; desire; and enthusiasm that you can muster. So that all life's opportunities will not just come to be boldly taken by you – but ultimately, always fulfilled.

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