“We Only Falter In The Face Of Adversity, If We Believe In Adversity.” ~ Eleesha (24)

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“I cannot falter, if I
always believe that
there is nothing ahead
– that would cause me
to do so.”

~ by Eleesha,
Author of – The Soul Whisperer


Very few of us in life are ever able to accurately predict the future. So what lies ahead for us, will often be all that we will have come to believe, or expect.

Even though we are aware of our capability to choose whatever we wish to believe or expect to unfold in our lives; we are not always accustomed to utilizing this capability, in such a powerful way.

It is not unusual therefore, to find the power of your own capability being either wholly under utilized, or unwittingly misused. Where you begin to falter in life; not because of adversity – but in spite of it – because you have come to believe that adversity does not just exist – but awaits you around every corner.

Whenever you think about tomorrow, next month or even next year, never see yourself as faltering in any way. For if you are unable to see anything ahead that would ever cause you to falter; fall; or stumble; then there never will be anything ahead, that would cause you – to do so.

Today, may you feel uplifted by this inner thought, and strengthened by this feeling. So you can continue to believe and expect that the outcome to all things, in your life ahead – will not be steeped with struggle; strife; or adversity; but will rather remain bright & prosperous for you, at all times – just as they should.

To your Inspiration & Success have a Wonderful Day! ♫¨*•.¸♥¸•*¨

Inspirational Author ~ Eleesha

~ Eleesha ~

“Renowned Automatic-Writer & Spiritual Author of – The Soul Whisperer:
A Trilogy of Soul Awakening, Revelations & Insights”

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