“In The Expectancy Of Joy, We Receive The Gift Of Joy.” ~ Eleesha (65)

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“In the expectancy
of joy – I receive
the gift  of joy.”

~ by Eleesha,
Author of – The Soul Whisperer


The day that wakes up to greet us, is shared amongst so many others. The reason why our individual experiences for each day differs so greatly, is not because of how the day presents itself to us – but rather how we choose to present ourselves to the day.

Whether you expect to wake up feeling joyful or sad, will be entirely up to you; but how your day will begin to unfold, will always become reflective of this.

Remember, true joy cannot be dictated by your external circumstances, but must rather come to dictate what your external circumstances will be.

Today, let your inner joy be expressed and used with expectancy, to ensure that your life will unfold – not how circumstances dictate – but how your joy will come to dictate – just what those circumstances should be.

This is the gift of joy that belongs to you, and has been gifted to you, to be used to good effect not bad; where your joyful demeanor will begin to invite more joyful things to happen in your life – so that all you wish or hope for, will be joyfully attained.

To your Inspiration & Success have a Wonderful Day! ♫¨*•.¸♥¸•*¨

Inspirational Author ~ Eleesha

~ Eleesha ~

“Renowned Automatic-Writer & Spiritual Author of – The Soul Whisperer:
A Trilogy of Soul Awakening, Revelations & Insights”

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7 thoughts on ““In The Expectancy Of Joy, We Receive The Gift Of Joy.” ~ Eleesha (65)

    • Amit, So good of you to share this with me, it's a joy to have such wonderful support ✿ܓ ~ Sending Big Hugs Of Appreciation your way! ƸӜƷ

  1. This is a wonderful, inspiring, and practical post Eleesha. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    What I have found asking myself quite often recently:
    What can I do right now to make this day more beautiful and enjoyable? There is (almost) always something that can be done. 🙂

    • So good of you to drop by and let me know this Helmut, thanks & hugs for your gracious support! It's a #joy to be sharing inspiration and I am always overjoyed to receive genuine feedback from visitors who enjoy my work. Have a beautiful & bountiful day, with your joyful smile ✿ܓ

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