“In Honoring All Fathers Today, We Honor Both Our Forefathers & The Sons Of Generations To Come.” ~ Eleesha (87)

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“It is in honoring you this day that,
I come to reflect upon all that you have
to my life and the lives of all
. Upon reflection, I am able to honor
your presence and extend my deepest
thanks and appreciation for all that
you have not just become – but all
that you have also helped me,
to become too.”

~ by Eleesha,
Author of – The Soul Whisperer


It is on this day that we are given the opportunity to honor all fathers of the world, who have so tirelessly dedicated their lives and made immense sacrifices either for, or on behalf of, their families and those that they love.

It is in honoring our fathers, that we come to honor all those who, regardless of blood ties or not, have been willing to embrace the role of fatherhood and to become exemplary role models for all those that their fatherhood was bestowed upon.

It is within these brave Souls that the role of fatherhood came to be entrusted by our forefathers; to be nurtured in our fathers; and subsequently handed down, against all odds, to the sons of generations that are yet to come.

Let us all come to reflect today, upon the immense contribution that fathers have made in our lives and the lives of all others. Upon reflection, regardless of whether or not their contributions may be viewed with joy or disdain, we live in acceptance that, each partook of their role to the best of their ability.

It is with this in mind today, that we extend our deepest thanks; gratitude; and appreciation to all fathers – not just for all that they were able to become, in partaking of the role of fatherhood – but in all they were ultimately able – to help us to become too.

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Inspirational Author ~ Eleesha

~ Eleesha ~

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4 thoughts on ““In Honoring All Fathers Today, We Honor Both Our Forefathers & The Sons Of Generations To Come.” ~ Eleesha (87)

    • So good of you to share this with me, it's a joy to have such wonderful support ✿ܓ ~ I will be tweeting more original #fathersday quotes on Sunday & more Soulful ones can be found in my book http://elee.sh/1fKFBGa ~ Sending Big Hugs Of Appreciation your way! ƸӜƷ

  1. I have never read such quality post/article as yours, ever on the web. Your post/article is very detailed and insightful yet easy to understand. Please write more frequently for this/our community.

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