A Guided Meditation for the Soul


The Soul Whisperer: A Guided Meditation for the Soul is an empowering audio meditation, helping to guide listeners along a journey of Soul enlightenment, so they can learn and master the simple steps and techniques of connecting within to their inner Soul. This series of Soul inspired steps and techniques are key to helping empower listeners to discover the answers they seek, and in finding the resolutions they will need – to help face up to life’s challenges and to manifest their personal desires on aspects such as Love, health, wealth and future happiness.

This guided audio meditation empowers its listeners from within to unlock the Soul’s innermost secrets by simply learning how to silence the Mind.  On a daily basis, listeners are shown the meditation techniques of how to listen to their Soul’s inner voice & hear its whispers, which till now – may have remained silent to them. This guided meditation is designed for the benefit of daily listening, even whilst relaxing or falling asleep.

The composition includes Binaural beats and Delta sound frequencies, as part of the listener’s audio experience, to help induce a state of soothing Soulful relaxation and to help promote an inner feeling of wellness. It does not matter if you quietly drift off to sleep or you can no longer hear the words, as the powerful transmission will continue to be absorbed by you on a deeper level, and it will continue to work towards changing your life and to empowering your Soul, from within.

This inspiring meditation incorporates the Soulful knowledge & Spiritual teachings, that have been channeled through to Eleesha, and have been purposely adapted from her empowering book, The Soul Whisperer: A Trilogy of Soul Awakening, Revelations & Insights.

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