Letting Go Quotes and Affirmations by Eleesha – to Uplift You:

Eleesha ˜ @eleesha ˜Soul Inspiration Affirmations & Quotes on Letting Go

1) Letting Go Of What Is Old To Bring In The New

“Let today be the dawning of a
new day for me in that, I am
able to invite change and good
things anew – by my ability to
let go of that which is old and
no longer needed.” 
~ Eleesha

~ written on 14-12-2008

2) Undaunted by Letting Go

“I am undaunted by anything that
may lie ahead because, in just the
same manner that I am willing to
let go, of those things I do not
want – I am also willing and able
to receive those things I do want.”

~ written on 14-12-2008

3) The Opportunity Of Letting Go

“Let me give myself the opportunity
to invite new things into my life
in a trusting manner that is equal
to that – which I am graciously
willing to let go of.” 

~ written on 14-12-2008

4) Letting Go To Rise Not Fall

“I go forward a champion in life
not as I thought I would, but in
a manner that I never envisaged.
For by my willingness and fearless
ability to let go – I have risen
in stature to receive all that I have
become deserving of, in life.”

~ written on 14-12-2008

5) Letting Go & Ignoring What Is Unnecessary

“I am partaking of life in a
joyful and exciting manner;
which was in part created by
my willingness to let go, and
to ignore those things that I
felt – were no longer necessary
in my life.” 

~ written on 14-12-2008

6) Letting Go To Receive

“What a joy it is in life to be
able and willing to let go; in
the assurance; knowledge; and
belief; that what I am able
to let go of – I am also able
to later graciously receive.”

~ written on 14-12-2008

7) Letting Go To Invite Change

“My ability to embrace change is
not borne from the fact that
change is inevitable, but that in
letting go – I am also able to
invite change into my life.”

~ written on 14-12-2008

8) Fearless Of Letting Go

“Let me not be driven in life out
of fear; where I feel the need
to cling onto things out of fear
of losing them. Let me rather be
driven by my belief that – I am
capable of creating at any time,
that which I presently fear losing.”

~ written on 14-12-2008

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