Love Quotes and Affirmations by Eleesha – to Uplift You:


1) Love An Ultimate State Of Being

“Love is what binds us together
in such a special way. It is an
ultimate state of being through
which – our lives are fulfilled.”

~ Eleesha

~ written on 21-02-2008

2) Worthy & Deserving Of Your Love

“Those who are worthy and
deserving of your love, are those
who will recognize the true
essence – of who you are.”

~ Eleesha

~ written on 13-02-2011

3) Surrender To Love

“Allow me to surrender to
the love that I know, I so
willingly deserve. For, it
is within my surrendering
that I am also embraced
– with love.”
~ Eleesha

~ written on 21-02-2008

4) Loving You More

“Each day, I am loving you
even more than I did the day
before. For the first time in
my life, you are showing me
what love really is”
~ Eleesha

~ written on 21-02-2008

5) Healed Through Love

“It is through love that we
find, we are so easily healed.
For, its presence is so soothing
and comforting, it allows us to
surrender to its amazing –
healing capabilities.”
~ Eleesha

~ written on 21-02-2008


6) Loving Through Humility

“It is with great humility that
I accept the love, of all others.
For, I understand just how worthy
I am, to be a receiver of all the
love – which is being offered.”

~ Eleesha

~ written on 21-02-2008

7) Love Beyond Measure

“It is our love, which has united us.
For, it is within love’s unity that
we have found such special people,
who have come to enrich our lives
– beyond all measure.”
~ Eleesha

~ written on 21-02-2008

8) Coming to Love Yourself

“Although I seek love elsewhere
and in others, I realize that it is I,
who must first come to love myself
before I can go looking for love
~ Eleesha

~ written on 21-02-2008

9) The Reciprocal Nature Of Love

“I am happy in the knowledge
and understanding that by being
loving and kind towards others, I
also receive love and kindness
– from others.”
~ Eleesha

~ written on 21-02-2008

10) Love In Its Purist Form

“It can be so intoxicating that we
are lifted up so high on the euphoria
of love. There is nothing out there
that can affect us quite like this – for,
it is love in its purist form.”
~ Eleesha

~ written on 21-02-2008

11) Drawing The Love Of Others Towards You

“Although I realize I am not
yet loved by others, as I should,
I begin with loving myself. For in
doing so, I surrender to feelings
that will inevitably draw the love
of others – towards me.”
~ Eleesha

~ written on 21-02-2008

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