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“Let us not accept that
which has been so easily
presented to us. Let us
– always strive for more.”

~ by Eleesha,
Author of – The Soul Whisperer


It is easy to go through life accepting what is being presented to us because; it is so much harder to strive for more in our lives – than it is to remain as we are.

Remember, the ability to strive forward in life will always require substantial effort; for it must be spurned not just by your will and determination but ultimately – your action too.

In the absence of such efforts, we will easily be lulled into a false sense of security, passively accepting all that we are; and all that we have become – as being all that we could ever be.

Today, whether you become passive or not, about where you are headed in your life – make it your mission to always strive for more. You can start by taking small steps, like simply setting yourself a tiny goal; so if it can be achieved today, then you can set up another one by tomorrow.

Challenge yourself to never become complacent, but to remain ready to keep striving for more. For with each daily challenge, you will not just continue to grow as a person, but will ultimately evolve to be – more than you ever thought, you could be.

To your Inspiration & Success have a Wonderful Day! ♫¨*•.¸♥¸•*¨

~ Eleesha ~

“Renowned Inspirational Author of – The Soul Whisperer:
A Trilogy of Soul Awakening, Revelations & Insights”

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