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In this series of Inspirational Videos,  Eleesha shares a profound and soul rendering collection of her favorite inspirational affirmations, quotes and sayings on video. Each motivational video is shared with the intention of inspiring viewers to transform their lives through the understanding of self and soul affirmation. Her unique writing style, delivered in these videos as simple inspirational affirmations, enables viewers to engage in powerful self; soul; acceptance and understanding – to help maintain their own personal beliefs, motivation and self empowerment.

Video 04 – Gifts Of My Life

Gifts Of My Life by Eleesha []

Video 09 – Finding My True Self

Finding My True Self by Eleesha []

Video 08 – Taken Towards Your Destiny

Taken Towards Your Destiny by Eleesha []

Video 03 – Inner Trust

Inner Trust by Eleesha []

Video 05 – All That I Deserve

All That I Deserve by Eleesha []

Video 10 – Discovering Your Determination

Finding My True Self by Eleesha []

Video 01 – A New Direction

A New Direction by Eleesha []

Video 02 – The Days That Lie Ahead

The Days That Lie Ahead by Eleesha []

Video 07 – Finding Acceptance & Trust From Within

Finding Acceptance & Trust From Within by Eleesha []

Video 06 – A Matter Of Perception

A Matter Of Perceptio by Eleesha []

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Eleesha is Spiritual Author of 'The Soul Whisperer' and 9+other Books on #Amazon sharing her automatic writing gift of original Inspiration, Affirmations, Quotes and Sayings. ✿ܓ

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