“True Self Worth, Cannot Be Bestowed Upon You By Another, But Must Evolve From Within.” ~ Eleesha (77)

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“I become worthy of
all things that I choose
– to be worthy of.”

~ by Eleesha,
Author of – The Soul Whisperer


We have the ability to lose out on some very important benefits in life; not because we do not deserve them – but because we do not feel worthy enough of receiving them.

True self worth, cannot be bestowed upon you by another, but must rather evolve from within, to be acknowledged; accepted; and appreciated – to finally be bestowed upon you, by yourself.

Remember, you become worthy of receiving all things that you choose to be worthy of. As such, all that you have received in your life thus far, is reflective of all that you have felt worthy of receiving.

Let your true self worth be acknowledged today, so that you can bestow a far greater value upon it – than you have so far allowed yourself to have.

So you may become empowered daily, to invite all things into your life that you have chosen to. Where your life will become embellished, not just by all that you want; but by so much more – because of all that you now feel worthy of receiving.

To your Inspiration & Success have a Wonderful Day! ♫¨*•.¸♥¸•*¨

Inspirational Author ~ Eleesha

~ Eleesha ~

“Renowned Automatic-Writer & Spiritual Author of – The Soul Whisperer:
A Trilogy of Soul Awakening, Revelations & Insights”

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8 thoughts on ““True Self Worth, Cannot Be Bestowed Upon You By Another, But Must Evolve From Within.” ~ Eleesha (77)

  1. I agree that self worth cannot be bestowed by others but the influence of others on an individuals self confidence particularly young people can be massive. Your posts can be quite inspirational

    • John, Hi and thanks for dropping by; yes, when it comes to young people, we should – as parents, guardians or mentors – be supportive in a way that will allow the #self-confidence of those we love, to blossom and grow from within. In all things, we can only lead by example and continue to encourage and support others to build upon their inner strengths, so they can venture into the world, empowered to face all the challenges (either good or bad) that ultimately lay ahead. Overjoyed to hear from you! ~ ✿ܓ ~ Sending Big Hugs Your Way! ƸӜƷ

  2. Hi Eleesha,
    Just a quick thought on what you are talking about.
    I am aged 50 and it is only now that i am discovering my self worth.
    It seems only now that i realise what life is all about, better late than never i guess.

    • Thomas, so sweet of you to share this with me. We all discover our Self-worth at various times and at different stages in our lives. What matters is its discovery, so I agree regardless of how old we are, it is better late than never. I celebrate this realization with you! ✿ܓ ~ Sending Big Hugs your way! ƸӜƷ

  3. I have been praying and believing for something for years but it has not come to pass (yet).. I guess there must be another ingredient missing? Even we have prepared and believe in our hearts that we are worthy of receiving some things just do not come to pass.. what are your thoughts on this?

    • Thanks for sharing this, indeed you are not alone; just because we pray & believe we want something, it is no guarantee it will always come to pass or be received. Sometimes, what we want is not a part of our unfolding destiny or we will not have an specific opportunity for learning if it were to be received when we want it. At times, it will come when the Universe knows we are good & ready for it. But regardless, you must continue to believe & trust it will be received. But, once you have asked for it, let it go hold the feeling you have for its receipt in your heart & Soul. There is no need to dwell on it or remain disappointed at every turn, just because it has not been received in the time and manner that you expect it to be. This way, if it is part of your destiny to receive it, it will come to you at the right time, especially when you least expect it. We have to understand that things to do not work in our timing, but Universal timing. I hope this has been helpful ! ✿ܓ ~ Sending Big Hugs your way! ƸӜƷ

    • So good of you to share this with me, it's a joy to have such wonderful support ✿ܓ ~ Sending Big Hugs Of Appreciation your way! ƸӜƷ

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