Free Spirit Quotes and Affirmations by Eleesha – to Uplift You:

Eleesha ˜ @eleesha ˜Soul Inspiration Affirmations & Quotes on being a Free Spirit

1) Free Spirit Of Expression

“Let me ensure that throughout
life’s journey I do not create
my own chains and shackles along
the way – but to always freely
express myself in all things as
I should – and to become all that
my true free spirit was destined
to be.” 
~ Eleesha

~ written on 10-07-2009

2) Free Spirit To Emerge As I Am

“I am truly free to live life
as I choose, not how others
perceive I should. For it is
only within such freedom of
expression that I am able to
find true solace, and emerge
not just as I should – but as
I am.” 

~ written on 10-07-2009

3) A Free Spirit As I Should

“Let me be willing to rise
today not cloaked in the
shackles that I have chosen
to accompany me, but rather
free to come and go as I
should – in a manner that
free’s me – to be all that
I should.” 

~ written on 10-07-2009

4) Free Spirit I Have Been Gifted

“Let me be willing to emerge
today not just how I think
I should be, but exactly how
I truly am – in the freedom
that life has already gifted
to me.” 

~ written on 10-07-2009

5) Free Spirit To Blossom & Grow As I Should

“The way I choose to live life
must be representative of all
that life is willing to offer.
Not in a manner that stifles all
that I am, but one that allows
my true free spirit to grow
and blossom as it should.”

~ written on 10-07-2009

6) Free Spirit In The Bosom Of Nature

“It is in the bosom of nature
and of life itself that my
true free spirit is always
able to emerge – in the
harmonious manner that
it should.” 

~ written on 10-07-2009

7) Willing To Rise As A Free Spirit

“Let me rise today in the
embrace of life and in the
love of all humanity, willing
to freely express myself as
I am – and as a true free
spirit that I was destined
to be.” 

~ written on 10-07-2009

8) Free Spirit As I Am

“I am presented to live as
a true free spirit, not as
one that must conform to
what life has presented me
with. Within this true
embrace I am always able
to freely emerge as I am
– not how others expect
me to be.” 

~ written on 10-07-2009

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