Graduation Quotes and Affirmations by Eleesha – to Uplift You:

Eleesha ˜ @eleesha ˜Soul Inspiration Affirmations & Quotes on Graduation

1) Graduating Has Been Made Possible

“This day is not just filled
with my joy, but with the joy
of all those who supported my
efforts along the way. Without
whom, my achievements may never
– have been made possible.”
~ Eleesha

~ written on 02-09-2008

2) After Graduation

“Now that I have all that is
needed to give me a head
start in life. I trust and
believe in myself enough, to
know that the right job and
all that I want for my future
– will now come to pass.”

~ written on 02-09-2008

3) Capable of Graduating

“Let all that I am capable
of, be fulfilled through my
efforts of learning and
study. So the crowning
glory of my graduation,
will not just be achievable
– but realized too.” 

~ written on 30-08-2008

4) Joys of Learning and Graduation

“In appreciation of all those
who have contributed to my
days of learning. I am indebted
to their willingness to share
and their capacity to teach. For
it is through their efforts, that
I am now able to experience
the joys of learning and my
graduation – as I should.”

~ written on 30-08-2008

5) Encouraging Other To Graduate

“Let all those that have not
yet graduated, look up at the
achievement of all those who
graduate today. For we are
encouraging of their future
efforts, to walk the same path
– as we have.” 

~ written on 30-08-2008

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