Self-healing Quotes and Affirmations by Eleesha – to Uplift You:

Eleesha ˜ @eleesha ˜Soul Inspiration Affirmations & Quotes on Self-healing

1) Union of Body and Soul Towards Self-healing

“It is during times of great illness
that I must allow the soul to
communicate with the body, in a way
that I have never done before. For
it is this union of body and soul that
will move me towards the capability
of self healing – like I have never
experienced before.”

~ written on 20-05-2008

2) All That Your Body Is Capable Of In Self-healing

“Let me awaken to the day confident
and empowered in the knowledge that
my body is capable of all things, if
I support it and believe it to be so.
For it is my belief, in all that it
is capable of achieving on my behalf.
That will enable it to achieve
– all
that it is naturally capable of.”

~ written on 20-05-2008

3) A Union of Body and Soul To Achieve Self-healing

“It is during times of great healing, that
I must allow my mind to be stilled. So
that the body is given the opportunity
to communicate with soul. For it is here,
that the directions for healing are sourced
and provided. Not in my mind, where I have
been consumed with fear. I now allow this
unique union to consider and act upon all
– that needs to be done.” 

~ written on 20-05-2008

4) Working In Harmony Towards Self-healing

“I cannot help but feel so fearful
and worried at this moment in time,
about all that has gone wrong and
now ails me so much. It is easy to
give up and leave it up to others
to try and sort everything out.
with this understanding, allow me
to take immediate action of my
own – towards self-healing. For I
know the body has the greatest
capability of all in healing itself.
Providing, I am working in harmony
with it – rather than against it.”
~ Eleesha

~ written on 20-05-2008

5) Being Instrumental In The Process of Self-healing

“I am instrumental to the
process of self healing and
I am responsible for its
beginning and its end. With
this understanding, I give
immediate support and
encouragement for self-healing
to begin and I never give
permission to call this
process – to an end.”

~ written on 20-05-2008

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