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1) The Wisdom Of My Decisions

“Let me rest in the wisdom of all
my decisions and trust that their
outcomes will unfold in my life
– in a manner that is equal to the
wisdom in which they were made.”
~ Eleesha

~ written on 20-10-2008

2) No Progress or Prosperity Without some Wisdom

“May I be taken away from this
situation in which, I have neither
progressed or prospered. For in
my lack of wisdom, I have acted
unwisely. Allow me to act in a
manner today that would not just
display great wisdom, but would
enable wisdom to accompany me
– wherever I am willing to go.”

~ written on 20-10-2008

3) Born To Be Wise

“I was born to be wise and to
make all the right decisions
throughout my life. Yet, sadly
this has not yet been the case
for me. With this understanding
may all barriers be removed;
where my wisdom is able to shine
through as a guiding light – just
as it was born to be.” 

~ written on 20-10-2008

4) Undaunted By My Lack Of Wisdom

“I am undaunted by the unwise
decisions I have made thus
far, and the manner in which
I have made them. For I realize
that nothing can be undone
that has already passed, but
I have the ability to make good
all things that lie ahead – in a
wise and purposeful manner.”

~ written on 20-10-2008

5) Strong Enough To Utilize My Wisdom

“Let me be wise enough to fight
my own battles and strong enough
to utilize all the wisdom I have
been gifted at just the right time
– to be wisely and aptly applied.”

~ written on 20-10-2008

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